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What type of PC do they use for making professional movies?

What kind do they use? And what programs do they use with it? Can you buy the professional PC’s at stores such as Best Buy? Future shop? Approximaley how much can i get a professional one for?

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5 Responses to “What type of PC do they use for making professional movies?”

  1. Daniel D said :

    mmm good one well i use apple mac computer and i love how easy it is to make movies and music in ilife 09 this type of computer cost me just over £1000 but its not really the computer its just the applications they use to make a good movie

  2. Unworthy King said :

    There’s heaps. I don’t know any names, but use google. There’s some that cost like 2-5k and the system you need is like pfwwaahhh. Workstation graphics card, 3-4 monitors, shit load of ram.

  3. [email protected] said :

    Depends upon what task. 3D animation is rendered on a rack of connected pizza-box one unit servers which work in tandem to crunch the incredible burden. Many run Linux, and a farm would cost hundreds of thousands excluding internal software development costs and installation. A personal workstation would be used for things like color editing or splicing clips, and they could be a Mac Pro, a PC workstation, or historically, a Sun or SGI. Prices would range from 5,000-20,000, but used to go as high as 100-150,000$ in 2008 dollars.
    Something not so professional will work for indie movie production. Any fast quadcore with lots of RAM should suffice.

  4. rragsdaleii said :

    For top of the line Hollywood productions companies do not use typical PCs instead they use specially designed workstations that cast upwards of $10K.

    If you are looking for something to make good quality films from home you should get a Mac because they are much better than windows based PC for creating videos. You can pick up a decent one for as low as $1,500. The software you want is Adobe Premier which costs about $900. Keep in mind that this is a very complicated program designed for professional use and the learning curve is such that you will probably want to take a class on it rather than try and figure it out yourself. Most community colleges offer a video editing class that will run about $200.

    If you want something a off a little less quality but much easier to use I would look into Sony Vegas.

    Both Vegas and Premier do include audio editing components however if you plan on doing lots of Audio rendering and manipulation I would recommend getting a specialized Audio editing program. I use Sound Forge however several of my friends use Creative’s Cakewalk program and love it as well.

    Good Luck,

  5. Bob A said :

    Most use a Mac


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