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Do i need a data plan for android apps instead of wifi?

I want to get the motorola cliq but I don’t want to have to pay for the web when I already have a wifi router at home. I was thinking that since the cliq is wifi enabled that I could use the wifi and get web for the phone and the apps that need internet. Would that work, or do I need to get a data plan?

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3 Responses to “Do i need a data plan for android apps instead of wifi?”

  1. Luke said :


    All smart phones in the US need a data plan.

  2. Lynn said :

    “All smartphones … need a data plan.” (?)
    Not so. We have been using Palm phones for years without a data plan. It has been very useful, since we don’t get locked into contracts and apps that don’t require the internet to provide content, calculations, definitions, etc, are easily downloaded to a desktop computer and then transferred to the phones. The only thing you don’t get is connectivity to the web.

  3. Lynn said :

    Now the I-phones and Android may be another thing. We actually want to move on to a more modern ‘smart’ phone, but still don’t want to pay for internet on our phone service or get locked into contracts. Actually, mine is pay-as-you-go, which ends up costing me about $120 per year with AT&T.

    So I’m now searching for the answer to: ‘Can I download ‘droid apps to my desktop (or via wifi) and then install onto the phone?’. We probably won’t go ‘droid if we can’t do that.


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