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How do I capture a PC screen with a different computer?

I want to record some gameplay, but fraps is somewhat buggy and I run out of storage too fast. Is there a way I can record it with a different computer. So it does all the recording stuff and my gaming pc just does gaming. Please let me know, thanks!

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3 Responses to “How do I capture a PC screen with a different computer?”

  1. DeMoNsLaYeR575 said :

    split the video cable
    and hook up one end to a nother computer

  2. Anny said :

    Try PCHand Screen Recorder,it could record anything on the screen. im using it and i think it is the perfect assistant to create instructional video including making game videos to show how cool you are in the game. hope it could help .

  3. Kem Kem said :

    try pchand screen recorder, it could record gameplay , capture broadcast, create instructional video
    and it could set video quality and fraps you need.


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