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Why is my computer slow on games even though it’s a gaming computer?

I have a g50vt asus computer with a GeForce 9800 GS 512 MB. Why is my computer slow?

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7 Responses to “Why is my computer slow on games even though it’s a gaming computer?”

  1. Joey said :

    too much porn?

    But really…this is useless. You told us what kind of computer you have, but not whats on it.

    give us some more info…..programs installed. hard drive space. etc.

  2. Azmaster said :

    Lets start with your RAM. The 512 MB of RAM is probably making the games run slowly. Here is a secret to speed the games up. Go to your Control panel. Open system up. Go to the advanced tab. Now for your virtual memory, raise it to 6800 MB. Any game then should be speedy! Hope this helped!

  3. Tippy Toes said :

    What is the GHz (clocking speed) of your computer? And what kind of processor do you have? Obviously the higher GHz you have, the faster your computer will perform, and if you only have a low-key processor, the data from the game will be slower.

  4. said :

    because laptops suck as gaming machines!

  5. liquidsilicon said :

    i think you have too many processes running in the background, you are asking your computer to do too many things at once, if you go through your system you probably have many programs auto starting at start up that you do not need running full time.

  6. Wolvenmoon said :

    1. You’re running a laptop like it was a desktop. Don’t run extra programs. If you have to use instant messenger, use pidgin not trillian, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, or Skype. All of them are resource hogs. Do not have your web browser loaded in the background.

    2. The laptop is throttling the processor down instead of increasing fan speed

    3. You need to remove bloatware.

    4. You’re running the games on too high of settings. Turn off anti aliasing, run them at 1366×768 or whatever your nearest resolution to that is.

    5. Defragment, update drivers, update games, and make sure you have at least 2 GB of RAM.

    6. Do not run norton or mcaffee. Use comodo or microsoft security essentials instead.

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