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Why is my computer slow even though i clean it?

I have cleaned more then half the space i have in my hard drive/CPU and i still have a very very very slow computer can any1 plz help me and tell me step by step what to do? Best answer gets best points

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7 Responses to “Why is my computer slow even though i clean it?”

  1. thatrotierkid said :

    you should try running some malware and antivirus programs like spybot search and destroy and avg. also try using a program called crap cleaner to repair your registry and remove temporary files.

  2. luke said :

    i would say buy more RAM and a better CPU

  3. jake said :

    You might need to add more RAM memory. If your light on the front of the computer panel that has a symbol of a Hard drive is constanly on it means you need more ram. That you will need to buy if you don’t know how to you might want to go to Comp Usa store with your computer and they will show you how as well as determine what type of Ram u need.

  4. Barrack Hussein said :

    probably your registry is loaded with unnecessary files, use registry cleaner, also try to purchase bigger RAM .Also defragment your drives.

  5. d0nnsk1 said :

    there’s a chance that your computer is infected by a virus/trojan/malware.

    download, install and run Hijackthis.
    once it has finished doing a scan, it’ll generate a log file.
    post the log file or the results in
    those marked with “?” and “x” are possible virus/malware.
    use Google to verify if those files are legit or not.

    if your computer is indeed infected, download Malware bytes or the trial version of Kaspersky. (or use the virus scanner of kaspersky)

  6. Bob said :

    Make sure you have no viruses, no spyware, and no registry errors. For a virus and spyware detection use Spyware Doctor. For registry errors use Regcure. This should get your computer well-diagnosed.

  7. Fish said :

    Most computers actually run slow because of a hidden part of your system, which is constantly being used by Windows. This part of your PC is called the “registry” and is the central database for Windows, which stores everything from your latest emails to your desktop wallpaper. It’s one of the most important parts of Windows and can easily make your PC run slow.The more corrupt registry files your computer has, the more it struggles to read them.The files which makes it run slower and slower. To fix this, you simply need to use a registry cleaner . These are small software tools which actually work by scanning through the registry and fixing any bad files that are in there. This then allows Windows to read as many files as it wants, when it wants to.


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