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Does doing all the updates for the Macbook take up space and slow your computer down?

My macbook has like a thousand updates and normally i only do certain ones like iphoto keynote pages itunes that about it.. but i feel like my internet needs updating or something cause it keeps closing and i have to relaunch but i am afraid that if i do all the updates it will slow my computer down?.. Does doing the updates take up space in your hard drive or is it just an upgrade? Will it slow my computer down or speed it up?

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2 Responses to “Does doing all the updates for the Macbook take up space and slow your computer down?”

  1. JOE H said :

    I update everything on my computer all the time and it does not slow it down. Most programs when getting updated use the same amount of space.

  2. Zyfert said :

    It will neither slow it down or speed it up and it will not take any more disc space.
    Updates are generally minor alterations to software and operating systems to iron out any bugs or flaws and keep everything running well.
    You should get all the mac updates when they become available.
    There are not that many if you do it on a regular basis.
    Now having said that, it will take time to download and install these updates because sometimes it is a whole new program but it takes the place of the old one, so no more disc space is actually used.
    I strongly suggest that you get the OSX 10.5.7 update plus any other program that you use.
    Regards, Zyfert


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