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How to speed up a very very very slow computer in XP?

We have a computer which is incredibly slow. I have tryed all sorts of things to speed it up but all has failed. I am going to upgrade the ram to 2GB but I still want to make it much quicker. It is running XP home edition. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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5 Responses to “How to speed up a very very very slow computer in XP?”

  1. Aijaz said :

    Hi! Firstly, install malwarebytes and run a scan to be certain its not a malware. Use a temp cleaner like CCleaner to clean the temp files , Eusing free registry cleaner to clean the registry … Defragment your drives once in a week and run check disks once in a month … Use lighter and smarter applications and remove unwanted applications from startup … Read this post –

  2. ankit_0913 said :

    As you said You have 2gb ram still your pc is slow.
    Do some simple steps to make your pc run faster.
    First if you have many programs that run in start up, disabled that programs. How you do this.
    open RUN
    Type: msconfig and press enter
    Window open click on “Startup ” tab untick the unnecessary programs that you dont want to open at run time . like messanges or something.

    Another reason of slow down pc is the virus problem… scan your pc with good antivirus like nod32 and delete viruses permanently.

  3. Dunbar Pappy said :

    Back up all data (pic’s, documents, music) and re-install (from your factory disks) the operating system.
    This sounds drastic, but as any OS ages (as XP is doing) it’s files get corrupted or misplaced, and it just needs a good housekeeping to set things right again.

  4. Tina said :

    How to keep the speed of your computer at peak performance?
    1.Optimize the hard disk to free up disk space and recoup system resources is the most effective way to get back the clean and fast disk space.

    2.Use a powerful registry tool which comes with the best and most enhanced problem detection algorithm to clean up your registry.

    3.Thousands of malicious programs and other information have integrated into your disk and system without your permission to smash your system dramatically. So, to update your security software regularly and daily.

    4.Uninstall the programs you have never used and which you will no longer use.

    If you would like more information about how to spped up your PC, you could visit:

  5. Game said :

    Registry is the most part of windows system, it is a database which record what you have done to your computer.For example, when your program was installed and also when it was uninstalled is also recorded. Those spyware is also stored in the windows registry by the operating system. They will make your registry mass up.They stay into your registry, collect your key data and sent information to the person who sited spyware on the Internet in the first place. Then your computer will not work properly. You will encounter some computer disaster such like blue screen of death,computer freeze, error message poping up,etc. Meanwhile, spyware will transfer lot of information from Internet automatically. It make your registry overburden. As long as you work on the net, it will download and upload date. Those invalid date and files will cause your system work more and more slowly.It is important to remove spyware timely. If you ignore it,the consequences will be disastrous. You should download a anti-spyware and remove those damn things.


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