Is Java programming sufficient to develop apps for Android?


As I asked, is Java programming sufficient to develop apps for Android such as 2D games or media players? I used Eclipse to make a few apps from tutorials online but I don’t understand the codes, is it Java that is used to make apps or is it some other programming language made specifically for Android?
Thank you!
Thank you, Turd Furguson! You have the “Best answer” just as soon as I can choose it.

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3 Responses to “Is Java programming sufficient to develop apps for Android?”

  1. Turd Furguson said:

    Android = Java.
    iPhone = Objective C.

    That being said, Java is absolutely sufficient for developing Android applications.

  2. Colanth said:

    Understanding the code is the most important. Java is secondary. (If you understand programming you can learn a language. Understanding a language doesn’t teach you programming.)

    If you’re at the point that you can copy things from the web and make them compile, you’re about 2-5 years of study from being able to write apps yourself. Serious study. If you expect to be turning out Android apps in a few weeks, you’re only fooling yourself.

  3. deonejuan said:

    I use NetBeans. Android is something I plan on pursuing in earnest before the end of 1st quarter of 2011. As I understand it, a style of Java coding is compiled against Android classes and that in turn makes javascript-style calls on the Android engine, which is pretty clever. I can think of several things I want to do besides SmartPhones after I get into Android.


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