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What is a digital video recorder (DVR) ?

A DVR is comparable to a VCR, except, rather than videotapes, it uses hard drive in recording. This means more recording time and no tapes to be cued. Like modern VCR, people who use DVR can record shows on television with he input of information like time, channel and date in the menu.

Having a digital video recorder has many advantages, first is the quality is by far better than VCR. This also allows transfer of video data to CD-RW or CD-Rom. It also has the easy search function that provides easy channel location for the users. A DVR can record an entire season of television show, and even possible to watch the half of the show while it record the second half.

The most popular feature of a digital video recorder is its ability to fast forward and skip advertisements. DVR also allows the users to fast forward, rewind, pause or replay live shows. Users can also access their favorite shows worldwide using a DVR remote monitoring feature and a computer for it is internet-base.

The only disadvantage of using a digital video recorder is that it does not support HDTV or high definition television. It can be set up on a high definition television; however, a DVR can only record programs in standard definition.

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