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How do I set up a wireless home network with an older PC?

Home broadband system is on an older (non-wireless) PC. New laptop has Centrino. How can I use my existing broadband that is physically connected to the old PC and ‘transmit’ and share it within our house?

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8 Responses to “How do I set up a wireless home network with an older PC?”

  1. Raj J said:

    First of all kindly describe how much pc is old are with mother board and processor details so helpers can help you in proper manner

  2. Phlodgeybodge said:

    I have an older PC on my network (Only two computers) for the older one I need to invest in a wireless adapter. I believe you can get them from your BB supplier.

  3. karl said:

    why not buy a 802.11G router with both wired ports and wireless broadcast?? it’d save you a lot of trouble and time and maybe even money, there are peripherals that can be added to ISA, PCI or other busesthat allow wireless broadcast, but
    if they can be found, they will be as much as a broadband router…

  4. babe19 said:

    go to ur router settings . page on explorer hit on uer network then hit on *WLAN * icon from there at top hit on config
    set . type in a network name that can be of mixed letters & numbers . then set up ur region . code
    then at .da bottom set up a wep or wpa security key
    then hit apply . then buy a wireless .usb adapter for that old pc install da. network drivers frist then it will ask you to connect ur usb adapter and ur network drives will install . from there hit on da. network icon in taskbar . type in ur network id .& security key hit on apply ur wireless network will login it will run off ur router
    for ur ols pc by wireless usb adapter

  5. jack said:

    First you will need a wireless adapters for both computers. Then you will need a wireless broadband router. You will need to make sure that all three devices(router, adapter 1, adapter 2) are the same version like 802.11a, 802,11b, or 802.11g. Then install the adapters and the router. Follow the documentation because most of the time they require you to do something special.

    It’s really straight forward and anyone can do it.

  6. Simmy said:

    I have the very same problem 🙁

  7. canivieu said:

    That is easy. You get Linksys Wireless.Iam 100ft from my router and it still work on an Old gate way running win 98.

  8. Joy said:

    hi first get the wireless router and if ur laptop is wireless enabled then just connect ur existing broadband router to the wireless one and then install a USB wireless network adaptor on ur old PC and then Power on the wireless router and both of ur computers and then search for wireless networks under Networking tabs and then configure the router as to ur own needs following the easy to use guide provided with the router ok

    If in doubt ask me again with more details about ur problem ok Good luck


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