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How to I connect an old pc to a Home wireless network?

So I have an old PC (maybe made in the early 2000’s) and a Home Wireless Network, connected to a broadband modem and a wireless router. I have no idea how to connect my old PC to the network. Help would be apreciated.

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2 Responses to “How to I connect an old pc to a Home wireless network?”

  1. cragtom2004 said :

    You will have to get one of these i did the same for an old laptop that had no wireless connection to my hub it comes in a box and a cd that you have to install to the comp .
    All I had to do was type in the wireless code (credit card type thing)that came with my home hub 2 it was up and running in 5 mins

    blueshag.. this will run from windows 98 onwards check out the specs bit scroll down when you are on that link

  2. BlueShaggy said :

    Too funny…same day and I have the same question. I have a newer desktop already hooked up to wireless network and want to connect my older desktops to this as well. So I can acess web throughout house. Might not have the hardware needed to perform this cause my older pc is 8 or so years old. Sorry I know that didn’t help.


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