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How to connect a PC to a wireless network?

I have a PC downstairs which has a wireless router. I have just bought another PC which is upstairs and I need to connect this to the internet. I know I can do this by buying a wireless adaptor for the comptuer upstairs to connect to the downstair router, but I want to know whether if I had another router on the computer upstairs, would this do the same job as an adaptor and connect me to the network that way?

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2 Responses to “How to connect a PC to a wireless network?”

  1. Milkman said :

    Your most easy and best bet is to get a USB wireless adapter. Then all you would do is install the software and plug in the USB adapter. Find your wifi and connect.

    You can use another wireless router with the PC upstairs. However, you will need to make sure the router software is capable of running as a “bridge AP” I have done this in the past by buying a WRT54GL wireless router and installing a free firmware “DD-WRT”. IT will add tons of new features to a cheap simple router. However, it is not the most easiest thing to do, if you don’t have a good understanding on how networking operates.

  2. Brenda said :

    You can get a lot of good wireless routing information from They have all the wireless products you could want, and their blog is very informative.

    I hope this helps


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