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How do you connect a DSi to wifi at college with Windows 7 and no wireless router?

I am currently at college and used to be on a Mac. It used to be quite simple to set up a connection from a Mac to a DS(i). I’m plugged into an Ethernet cord for internet and I don’t have a USB wifi connector. I’m now using Windows 7. Is it possible that I can share wifi internet connection from my laptop to my DS(i)?


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5 Responses to “How do you connect a DSi to wifi at college with Windows 7 and no wireless router?”

  1. [email protected] said :

    I’m not sure how to do it completely wireless, but if you find a wired connection (UNR has a bunch of those in most parts of the school) you could “Bridge” the wired connection (connected to your school’s network) to the wirless connection on your laptop assuming you have one (connected to the DS) I do not have a ds, so i am not sure if it uses the same wifi standards as computers or if an adapter is needed.

  2. annorax64 said :

    The easiest thing would be to buy a cheap wireless router that has Ethernet ports.

    You could probably get the connection to work through the Windows 7 machine eventually, but for the time and the money required to get that sub-optimal configuration running you could have bought a cheap router and been up and working already.

  3. DaveEC said :

    If you buy a wifi router you can do this easily. Connect an ethernet wire from the wall connector to the router’s WAN or Internet port. Then you can connect any device to that router.

  4. Spunker 8 said :

    There is the virtual wifi feature in windows 7. Havent used it yet, read here:

  5. Sirex said :

    Wifi router is your best option or ad-hoc wifi.


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