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How do you connect a laptop to a PC to get a wired internet connection?

I am just going on a trip to my grandparents house which has no unlocked WiFi access. They do however own a PC which is connected to Hi-Speed internet. I was wondering how I could connect my laptop to the PC to get the internet connection.

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2 Responses to “How do you connect a laptop to a PC to get a wired internet connection?”

  1. John said :

    Two options. Easiest is to install a simple router to the internet connection. The other option would involve internet connection sharing, which requires your grandparent’s computer to have two network cards, which they probably don’t. I’d bring a router with me.

  2. Cupcake46 said :

    Wait ’till no one is looking and move the connection from their PC to your laptop. You’ll need to figure out how they log in but you’d need to do that even if you used a router.

    Or, assuming your laptop has built-in Wi-Fi, pick up a USB Wi-Fi adapter and install it on their PC. Then set up Internet connection sharing []

    While ICS might not be as pretty as just installing a router, it’s less disruptive to your grandparents’ original settings and it will be more stealthy.


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