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How do I connect kids pc to my pc to share internet connection?

I have a Linksys Wireless Router to connect to a 2nd pc but its forever losing the connection and causing problems.
I’ve decided to do away with the wireless connection to the 2nd pc and do it via a cable.The other pc is only about 10ft away anyway so not bothered about having a cable under the carpet.Do I need to use a CAT5 cable and run it from the router to the ethernet port on the 2nd pc?
And would this enable the 2nd pc to have an internet connection?
Any help would be appreciated!

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7 Responses to “How do I connect kids pc to my pc to share internet connection?”

  1. Teresa said :

    On your router there should be 5 ethernet ports — 4 grouped together and one by itself. The modem needs to be connected to the port by itself (probably like you already had it) with an ethernet (cat5) cable, and each of the two computers need to be plugged in to one of the 4 grouped together (also cat5 cables). The other ends of those cables need to be plugged in to the back of each computer.

  2. tst1980 said :

    yes… connect cable modem to the router and then both PCs to the router…

  3. Kenny K said :

    you answered your own question, way to go.

  4. unpescado4 said :

    that will work

  5. gefindlay said :

    You can do this one of two ways.
    One you can connect via the router which would then give the 2nd PC a direct line to the Internet. Then you would simply run the Windows network wizard and select guest for this PC. The other way would be a direct PC to PC connection which requires a special cable called a cross-over or Patch Cable which you can buy at your local DIY Electronics outlet. This connection can be more easily monitored as the host computer will now run as a filter for unfit sites and will also be able to monitor network activity more closely rather than through the router which can sometimes drain resources not to mention saving you the hassle of having to install any anti-virus programs on the second PC as the Software would automatically detect your new network and begin protecting immediately.
    But setting up a network all depends on the operating systems installed on each computer on the network. If you have Windows XP on one PC and Windows 98 on another then chances are the network won’t work properly as Windows 98 is not forward compatible with Windows XP which is backward compatible with Windows 98. So any files created on the Windows 98 machine cannot be read by Windows XP. Just make sure that both machines are running the same OS and then set up your network.

  6. VinceY said :

    Yes. Use a CAT5 cable and run that from the router to the ethernet port on the 2nd PC.

    It will enable the 2nd PC to have an internet connection without any problems assuming that you have already set up DHCP on your router to automatically assign IP addresses to any computer that plugs into the router.

    If you want to share files between the 2 PCs, then you need to setup file and printer sharing on both PCs. Depending on OS, it can be simple or not. Simple if both are using the same version of Windows, complicated if not or worse if different OSs. But basically, some form of file and printer sharing protocol is required to be setup and selected folders will need to be shared. Then its a matter of locating the sharing computer on the other PC and going into it to connect to the shared folder.

    You’re on the right track. Good luck!

  7. JSHK12 said :

    well for WINDOW XP go to control panel and click on network connection (right click)on the wireless network connection and go to properties then click on the advance tab and click allow other network users to connect to this computer Internet connection


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