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How do I figure out which neighbor is broadcasting wifi?

I don’t have internet or even phone service where I live. But one of my neighbors has unsecured wifi and I’m able to get on the internet using it. And I’d like to offer to help pay my neighbors internet connection bill as well as ask permission. But I don’t know which neighbor has the wifi, and I’m too shy to go house to house to ask. Other wifi’s come up on the list but they are all secured. Any ideas?

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4 Responses to “How do I figure out which neighbor is broadcasting wifi?”

  1. Patch G said :

    The name of the wifi signal could be a hint as too who it is.

    Once you have a name, you can look up on city property maps who lives next to you, and find the house with that name.

    If they have it unsecured, most would say “its their fault if others use it.” I am glad you are being honest and want to compensate for your usage.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know enough “hacking” to be able to tell you exactly how to “track them” down without leaving your computer.

  2. Phurface said :

    There’s an inexpensive wifi “detector” that you can puchase at Radio Shack, Newegg, ZipZoomFly or other electronics place. It will give you a general idea of where the signal is strongest so you can zero in on the actual source.

    It’s very thoughtful of you to offer to share the expense, but be careful about how you approach this person. They may not appreciate the fact that you’ve already been tapping the source without their prior permission.

    In this day and time of identity theft, people are often paranoid to the extreme about their personal information. Even if you turn cartwheels to demonstrate you’re not out to cause harm, the neighbor might think otherwise.

  3. sonic393 said :

    1) I suggest being carefull, because what you are / were doing, is illegal. It’s i nice gesture to help pay him, but lookout that he doesn’t sue 😉

    2) Programs like Netstumbler give more info about the wireless signals in your neighbourhood, but no actual locations. If you have a laptop, you could then go on a small wardriving-experience, and look when the signal is at it’s strongest. That could narrow it down.

    3) Also, when you can surf his internet, you also can connect to his pc, you could place a textfile on his desktop,(or find his email on the pc) with your question / contact information, but be very carefull (some people react very strange when another person uses their property..

    Hope this helps

  4. All Done Working said :

    Using your neighbors network, without their permission is illlegal, even if you say you wanted to help pay for it. Don’t be shy, go ask around.


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