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How do i connect a laptop and a PC to the internet using a switch?

I plugged my modem into the switch along with the laptop and PC(using ethernet cables) and the switch into the power supply(outlet).The laptop is using vista while my PC uses XP,if that helps.
My pc receives connection while the laptop doesn’t.What’s the problem?What am i supposed to do.Thanks in advance.

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2 Responses to “How do i connect a laptop and a PC to the internet using a switch?”

  1. GTB said :

    Let’s review and define because I suspect the problem is rooted in understanding basic hardware.

    1. A “strict” modem (“strict” meaning a modem not a hybrid which is defined below) converts a carrier’s signal (DSL from phone company, CATV signal from cable tv carrier) into an Ethernet protocol signal; this feed has its own public (routeable) IP address and feeds one and only one downstream device.

    2. A router (gateway router in this case) has a single WAN and single LAN port. The modem’s internet feed with the carrier provided public IP address connects to WAN port. The LAN port has a different, private, nonrouteable IP address in a different subnet. Routers include firewall functionality. A router enables many LAN devices with non-routeable IP addresses to interface with each other and access internet.

    3. A network switch has no IP address. It functions as a “junction block” where the router LAN feed and all other network devices interconnect. A switch is NOT a router and it cannot by itself enable LAN devices to share an Internet conection.

    4. Wireless access point – this LAN device provides wireless capability.

    5. Now for the hybrids

    5a. There are many switch / routers where the router and a 4 port LAN switch are integrated into a single unit. If more switch ports are needed, a network switch is added. With a switch / router and no added network switch, 4 LAN devices are interconnected and can share internet.

    5b. There are switch / router / wireless access points often called a wireless router. This is usually a 4 port switch + wireless access point on private side + the normal wan feed.

    Now I suspect that you have

    1. A “strict” modem

    2. A network switch

    3. no router.

    This is why you have a problem; you need a router between network switch and modem.

  2. Greyolddave said :

    There is a subtle difference between a switch and a router. A router assigns internal IP addresses, a switch usually does not. Thus with a switch the first device would get the single connection that the modem can provide and the second one would be out in the cold. A router can take the modem’s single connection and share it with a number of devices. Its kind of hard to get a switch so I’m going to assume you really have a router. Do make sure that the wire from the modem goes into the WAN (not WLAN) or internet port on the router and the computers are connected to the four LAN ports. With a router each device will immediately recognize the connection and be good to go.


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