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Can I connect to the internet on my ipod touch through using a USB wifi dongle?

I was wondering: If I buy a USB wifi dongle and connect it to my computer, will this enable me to access the internet on my ipod touch?


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5 Responses to “Can I connect to the internet on my ipod touch through using a USB wifi dongle?”

  1. pditty3333 said :

    iPod touch has built in WIFI, so there would be absolutely no need for a WIFI dongle unless you broke it somehow.

    Do you mean a USB mobile (cellular) broadband dongle for a company like O2, Voda Phone AT&T etc?

    If so, no. This is what the iPhone is.

  2. Cian said :

    If u have wireless broadband in your house, you will be able to pick up that signal on your touch…or anywhere else where a signal is available. you can only connect to open signals tho, ones that are not protected by password. Hope I help!!:)

  3. Daz Owen said :

    You won’t be able to connect through the dongle. Only way you can is if you have a wireless broadband router.

  4. Sean D said :

    well does your iPod Touch have a USB Port

    – go to the Apple Store and get a little info from them

    but you should be able to connect to the internet somehow anyway
    are’nt you (without a dongle) (through wifi)

  5. clevererthanyou said :

    The only one who’s understood your question is Daz Owen. No, you will not be able to do start a network with a dongle. If it’s a laptop, you do have options. Google “how to turn laptop into wifi hotspot”. Otherwise, there is no helping you.


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