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How to connect ethernet cable from a router to a 7 year old Dell pc whose port is small-can only connect phone?

I need to connect yellow ethernet cable from my broadband router to my 7 year old Dell PC.Problem is ethernet cable’s jack seems bigger than the network port of my PC.

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5 Responses to “How to connect ethernet cable from a router to a 7 year old Dell pc whose port is small-can only connect phone?”

  1. Jamfo said :

    That’s because you’re trying to connect to an analog modem, not to an Ethernet NIC. What you are trying to plug in to is an old-style dial-up modem. What you need for your router is an Ethernet network interface card.

    Don’t be discouraged, though… you can always add a network card to your computer and they’re pretty darned inexpensive too.

    Here’s what you need… and it’s under $10:

    Or one you could find at a local BestBuy… under $20:

    As long as you have an open PCI slot inside your Dell PC, you should be good to go. Install this card, follow the directions to install the drivers and software, and then you’ll be able to connect directly from your broadband router to this new network card you just installed.

    Good luck… post back if you have any questions!

  2. sickcityxiii said :

    you buy an ethernet card.

    theyre cheap.

  3. Jason B said :

    You need a NIC.

  4. soldier612 said :

    you probably dont have an ethernet card onboard..if it is too small that is the phone jack..or can install they are real cheap..if you have xp it probably will plug and play

  5. putergod said :

    The “port only big enough for phone” is not a network port. It is a RJ11 port and is designed to only be connected to a phone line. It is an analog modem designed for using a regular phone line to “dial-up” to the internet or other network/computer/fax machine. To connect to an “ethernet” network (which uses an ethernet cable with a RJ45 jack) you need a Network Interface Card (or NIC). These are readily available, dirt cheap, just about anywhere.


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