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Is there a way to slow down your computer and then get it back to normal, like the governor of an engine?

My first idea was to put a bunch of random stupid games on that will pile up and slow it down. But I dont want to be stuck with a slow computer when its time to get it back to normal. So, is there a way I can command my computer to start moving slowly, and then speed it up again, like the governor does for an engine, or something.

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5 Responses to “Is there a way to slow down your computer and then get it back to normal, like the governor of an engine?”

  1. Josh said :

    Why the fuck would you even do that? And installing games wouldn’t really have that effect.

    Only way would be to go into the BIOS and underclock the CPU and RAM. Not sure why you would, but you could. I guess to save power or something. But I play for keeps.

  2. Mac Anic said :

    Just install Windows.

    Eventually, the virus’ it attracts will slow your computer down considerably.

  3. Colanth said :

    Downloading games and installing them won’t do anything, only running them will. When you want to go back to normal, stop running the games. (It’ll take a lot of games to slow the computer down. The normal way of slowing a computer down is to introduce a lot of wait states [maybe a few hundred, or even a few thousand], but that takes hardware knowledge and modification of the motherboard.)

  4. albedopiazolla said :

    Why do you want to slow your computer down? Maybe if you turn off anti spy-ware and anti virus protection and start visiting the anuses of the net like porn sites then you could contract lots of baddies that will definitely slow your computer down.Be sure to click on all of those pop ups and banner ads and open up all of those suspicious emails. Also doing all of this in Internet Explorer will make the damage all the more epic. After all, who needs protection. If you do all that I can assure you that your computer will get slower, but Iyou said that it would only be temporary so that might be a problem.

  5. Pc Guru said :

    Yes there is and this is what I did:

    In your case upgrade the RAM and if possible the graphic card.

    In general I would do following.

    Remove all the big files from your desktop and leave just a few shortcuts. If your hard disk is full get an external usb drive and move your valuables, movies, songs etc. there. Then clear the cash of your browser. If you are not using some application for your entertainment uninstall it (I mean like some music apps etc. not the program files or applications) After that update your security apps. such as antivirus, antispyware and ran a full scan.

    What I usually do is scan my system for any registry errors and missing keys etc. I go to a website called: to get a free scan and then I know what to remove manually but it can be done even authomatically.


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