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What are the different types of camcorders ?

Camcorders are portable video cameras for sound and image recording to the forms of media, either digital or tape-based. The earliest camcorders records to either Betamax or VHS tapes that allows easy playback in video players. These camcorders were big for they contain the entire video recorder, along with the camera and lens. This appearance did not stop the camcorders from becoming popular.

By the end of the 80s, two innovations help to shrink camcorders dramatically. First was the VHS-C format was released and fully compatible with a VHS player with the use of an adapter. This allows the camcorders to reduce its size and weight.

The next is the 8mm tapes, smaller compare to VHS tape and holds two hours of footage. The only problem with 8mm tape is that you cannot run it on a regular player. The entire camcorder must be plugged-in to the Betamax or VHS player to re-record or watch the footage recorded in an 8mm tape.

In the 1990, a new breed of camcorders were released, these camcorders uses hard drives for video storage. It has the advantage of using no external media at all. These camcorders also allow video to be recorded directly to a hard disk. Once the drive is full, one must transfer the footages to a computer or a different hard drive and continue with the recording.

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