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Do you have a computer that runs fast or slow?

How annoying is a slow computer!? Glad I don’t have that problem anymore!!

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17 Responses to “Do you have a computer that runs fast or slow?”

  1. [[[Bяιт☆]]] нσσт-σωʟ яαωя-тιɢєя said :

    it’s kinda fast =][=

  2. ☮ηιкηυ ιѕ α ηιηנα said :

    My computer has it’s good and bad days.

  3. Mmhmm... said :

    Pretty slow, but it’s good enough for me. [:

  4. . : AznKid : . said :

    Fast enough…

  5. тσкισ мcℓσvιи™ said :

    Both of mines are fast.

  6. Lori4891 said :

    I just bought it this year so it still runs pretty fast..
    I hate slow computers they are frustrating.

  7. online girl said :

    I hate it that my computer is slow

  8. Sara R said :

    Fast Comcast

  9. ѕαмαηтнα said :

    I have a macbook so its pretty fast.

  10. Crow T. Robot said :

    It’s pretty fast. I do a virus scan and clean and defrag the hard drive every week.

  11. Lolitta Another Part Of Me said :

    Mine is pretty fast,

  12. GAMSON said :

    its super fast…….but my screen is from like the ’90’s its funny

  13. Angelica! ♔❀♡ said :

    Pretty fast. hah.

  14. Cole W said :

    Mine is fast most of the time, but it has its slow moments.

  15. americanmade said :

    computer runs fast, It’s just me that runs slow

  16. *~`I love pop music`~* said :

    It’s fast now. My brother got more memory and when i log in, like in 10 seconds or less my deskop opens up. and in like 5 secs the internet opens up. And before woo… took a long time!

  17. Michael (Pistons Resurgence) said :

    I’m running on 3 MB per sec. so it’s pretty fast.

    6 MB is really fast, and 10 MB is like the speed of light fast lol.


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