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How can i improve my notebook Wifi strength?

Basically i live in a block of flats where we have a communal Wifi connection. It says Connection Low & sometimes good. I was wondering is there anyway i can improve this strength for quicker internet? Help people!!!

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2 Responses to “How can i improve my notebook Wifi strength?”

  1. anakin.ryan said :

    well, as far as i know the only way to do it is with a beter wifi card or externl antenna, but i have noticed when i run linux my laptop was getting roughly 5-10% better range

  2. Benjamin said :

    If where you live your notebook is recieveing a weak signal, there is nothing you can do except move closer to the transmitter or increase the transmitter power (which is unfortunately unlikely ).

    Sound s like your flat is too far away from the communal wifi transmitter.

    One option worth considering, if you are British, is to contact British Telecom and get them to install the internet in your flat. You could have your very own wifi transmitter in your own flat and then your signal would be excellent.


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