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is it possible to have a wifi connection on a printer?

My laptop is wifi and I want to be able to use the printer in another room, is this possible and how?

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8 Responses to “is it possible to have a wifi connection on a printer?”

  1. char said :

    hp sells a printer that has wifi i got one at home and its very good

  2. ohio44903 said :

    Yes, different manufactures do sell adapters to make the printer wireless. Or if it is connected to a networked desktop, just share the printer, and then add it to your laptop.

  3. tpopy said :

    yes and you can also get bluetooth printers

  4. aiguy said :

    You need a wireless printer server device to connect to your printer like the LinkSys WPS54G in the link I provided. Then your wireless network will see the printer as a wireless network printer and can be shared by the computers on your network.

  5. Genuine Duck said :

    If you have the printer connected via another computer, so long as you have networked your computers. Then if you should be able to use the printer. If you cannot, make sure that the printer is set up via your pc for sharing and you might have to download the drivers onto your laptop.
    I suggest you try using the help to set up your printer on your laptop.

  6. Dominic F said :

    Apple Airport Express allows you to do this.

  7. Ghettofantasy said :

    yep…look around

  8. mark_mertonuk said :

    pc world sells wifi connectors for printers


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