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Poor WiFi connection – What is the best method to improve the signal?

I am at a holiday cottage – there is WiFi access but it is too far from the router so the signal is poor and sometimes my laptop loses the signal completely. I need a good connection, what is the best solution – wiring up to the main router is not possible, needs to be a wireless solution.

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5 Responses to “Poor WiFi connection – What is the best method to improve the signal?”

  1. Josef Knortzer said :

    You can either move closer to the source point, or build a cantenna.

  2. Seven said :

    The only way you are going to make your signal better in this situation is to move closer to the router/signal or find some other way to hook up to the internet without their connection.

    Good Luck.

  3. David said :

    I depends on whether or not you own the router. If you own the router, then it would be best you get a router with a better wireless range – or come as close as possible as you can to the router. Sometimes, if you are in a cottage or building with large or thick stone walls, then this can seriously effect your signal.

  4. colanth said :

    You can also buy a Cantenna.

  5. shawn said :

    Long range High Power USB Wireless Wifi Adapter 1000mW

    got it on ebay for 18 bucks from hlfactoryoutlet6


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