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I got my son a laptop for his birthday. How do I connect it to the house wifi?

I am not a pc techy guy so need simple instructions. If I go into the router by doing this takes me in a series of menus. If I go on to his laptop and try and connect to the wifi I get the connection but it then asks for a key or passphrase. It was a guy who set this up months ago and I don’t have this key. Someone told me that if I go into the router I can get the key there, I think. What do I do to get the key/passphrase?

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13 Responses to “I got my son a laptop for his birthday. How do I connect it to the house wifi?”

  1. Bad Santa said :

    i think thats your problem — there is nothing to connect

    it’s wireless

    reset the router

  2. bradley said :

    do u have msn or im i might be able help

    your with orange

    it say key e.g a193 s193 1131 1133 1331 n3

    at you bottom of ur wifi box or worst come to worst go on the internet not ur son laptop and type in the address bar username is admin passward admin

    hope is help

  3. quain_chi said :

    what sort of router are you using? If its a bt homehub, the wep key, which is what you need is on the side of the router. If its not, and you can get into the bios (menus) of the router you should be able to find the wep key in there, just look around till you find it.

  4. shwaavay said :

    You’ll have to reset the router and make a new pass phrase.

    Just look on the bottom or back of your router for a reset button, you usually need a pen or something to push it.

    At this point everyone should be able to connect, but your network is not secured. So put the address in the browser for the router and enable WEP. It should prompt you for a passphrase.

  5. Jason G said :

    Santa only delivers items. He doesn’t know how to put them together. There should be a phone number on your router for tech support. Call the number and they will walk you through how to add the laptop to your network.

  6. Alan F said :

    Go into the router by the IP address you quoted, trawl through the tabs or options you are faced with and one of them will display the key. Then get your lap top to attempt to connect and type in the key. The keys are usually long and easy to make mistakes with, so be carefull. The lap top should then connect each time, you will not need to type the key each time, the laptop will remember it. Set your security settings to at least the lowest level.

  7. Alan_B said :

    Not a lot of good advice on this one, so far.

    You’ve got the series of menus. Now you want to find the one dealing with Wireless and then the sub-menu dealing with Security. Or it might be the other way round. Your wireless security will be set to WEP or WPA and there should be a box telling you what the key is. If it’s WEP this will be a series of numbers and the letters a to f. For WPA you can have any combination of all letters and numbers.

    I’m a guy who sets up routers and I always make a point of telling my clients what the key is and telling them to keep the note in a safe place where they will find it again if they need to.

  8. Steve J said :

    Hi there.
    Go in to the router and go through the menus for the “Encryption” menu. Open it and there will be a passphrase in a box and the expanded key derived from it.
    It is the EXPANDED KEY you need, probably 32 characters. he will need to enter this the first time in every time he connects, but should be all well after that – this is to prevent passers by and neighbours getting access to your systems, so you do need it and shouldn’t turn it off.
    Cheers, Steve.

  9. meandean said :

    u need a wep number have a look on the bottom of your wireless router and the key will be there its a series of letters and numbers. good luck.

  10. Gordon said :

    Don’t know about you , but we call her the wife round these parts , and i don’t think you should be connecting you son to her .

  11. kaleo said :

    You need to get a Computer networking person to help you out. I doubt anyone in this yahoo answers can help you out. Once you are done, have this instruction written and saved in several locations just in case you need to use the information again.

    Best of Luck.

  12. Steve W said :

    Sorry but all this is good advice, but if you don’t understand the terminology you will have no chance as you have to reset it because you will not be able to see the password as it is hidden in the router menu after you have entered it in for the first time and all you will see is a list of dots where the password is. The best bit advice is to find someone who knows how to sett it up and ask them to do it for you, it is not easy unless you know. If you still want to try then go these sites and they will help you

  13. p L said :

    If you can get to the router then it is just question of finding the wireless tab. There should have option WEP and WAP, make your choice and generate your SSID key as most of router has that facility. Once generated you use that SSID key to connect your laptop by right clicking on the wireless sign and doubleclick on view all available connetions. It will ask you to input the ssid then of we go.


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