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Why will a laptop connect to a WiFi network with WEP and not WPA ?

The laptop in question has been updated to service pack 3 etc. It will connect fine to a Wifi network running WEP security but it will not connect to a network running WPA security. The laptop is quite an old Fujitsu Siemens Amillo. Is it possible that the wireless card needs new drivers to interpret WPA or is there a wireless connection utility besides the windows one we could try ?

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4 Responses to “Why will a laptop connect to a WiFi network with WEP and not WPA ?”

  1. freelander said :

    Maybe you don’t know the wpa password. It’s a totally different encryption to wep.

  2. Tobi said :

    Maybe your wireless cars doesnt support WPA ?

  3. William S said :

    I am unsure of whether drivers control the ability to connect to certain security protocols or the device itself. i would try looking up your wireless card for new drivers and updating them. if that doesn’t help then just buy a usb wifi adapter. i recommend trendnet devices.

  4. sicknote50 said :

    Hi there to answer your question, WEP is an unsecured network setting and WPA is, i presume you have a wireless modem router, if so you need to go to you modems website as in configuration site and change the settings there as well as your computers security this would be the answer to your connection security problems. If you are connecting to a public hotspot then all you will be able to get is a wep connection on your wi-fi.

    Hope this helps


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