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What is a VoIP phone ?

A voice over internet protocol is a kind of phone that uses digital technology in transmitting phone calls via internet unlike regular phones. This technology allows the user to bypass traditional phone companies, making all calls via internet. The service requires digital subscriber line like DSL internet service to work. Regardless of the technology used in making VoIP phone calls, talking on the phone and dialing is pretty much the same as in landline.

There is no specific phone requirement in using this service. Telephony adapters are usually supplied to consumers, adapter plugs into the modem or cable, translate data from the user’s phone into internet protocol packets, and transmitted over the Net.

VoIP is much cheaper than the regular landline service so most people chose this service. You can get domestic and local long-distance packages with VoIP service, including other features like voicemail and call waiting for less than half of the regular phone service cost.

Some individuals like to use phones made specially made for VoIP, these phone are created with all the necessary software and hardware for making VoIP calls. They look like regular phones but they have Ethernet connectors and made to be connected to a router however, a regular phone with adapters can still be used in making VoIP calls.

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