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Does a wifi router constantly transmit radio waves when switched on?

I know there is various debate as to whether wifi signals pose long term health issues, so I want to know how often signals are transmitted from the router and when they are at their most powerful? Thanks.

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7 Responses to “Does a wifi router constantly transmit radio waves when switched on?”

  1. Ron S said :

    Radio waves are all around us all the time, just switch on a radio if you don’t believe me.

    Stop worrying about things you can’t change, it will do you more harm that the radio waves will.

  2. Collin H said :

    They are always transmitted. However, there is no actual evidence of health issues from a wireless router. The people that complain of “wi-fi headaches” get the same problems when someone tells them there is a wireless router around, but they are actually in a giant faraday cage that blocks _all_ RF signals from getting to them.

    If wireless routers were a problem, you would also be worried about cordless phones, microwaves, remote controlled cars, the radio signals transmitted from cell tower to cell tower, hand-held walkie talkies, and a host of other sources of RF.

  3. Mr Skylaar said :

    Yes it is constantly transmitting radio waves. If a person needs to pick those waves up they need to be transmitted and so it cant stop transmitting!!

  4. tbshmkr said :

    When ON, wi-Fi routers transmit constantly.
    When ON, wi-fi routers transmit at a constant power level.

  5. Kira said :

    Normally a router will spit out a keep alive signal every now and then which is just a hollow empty signal for crap to stay attached to. Then than that it works the hardest when you are doing things like viewing media or downloading. It’s pretty much the same thing as the radio signals the other person was talking about. WIFI is fine. Just don’t strap the router to your ear LOL.

  6. lercio said :

    If you run a spectrum analyser you can see it transmitting all the time. But if no one is connected then the signal is quite small. When data is being transmitted then the signal is a lot stronger.

  7. Mark said :

    not to be rude
    but how do you think you get a signal
    well not un less you sit on the router for 50 years
    the chances of your getting cancer from a router is like will i die from eating at burger king
    and that is not a wise place to eat


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