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Is there a speed limit on the wifi port on a typical router?

ie, if many wifi users connect to a router would they experience any performance issues – since they would all be connected to the same ONE wireless port? Assume that the internet connection speed to the ISP is unlimited.

If so, shouldn’t there be 4 wireless ports like how there are, by standard, 4 100mbps cable ports.


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One Response to “Is there a speed limit on the wifi port on a typical router?”

  1. Adrian said :

    It (either scenario) does not work that well…
    The reason is that the wireless has to share all the channels with all laptops – on one frequency band. Having two or more wireless devices in the same room will cause interference because all are talking on the same frequencies. The same holds true with 4 laptops to one wireless point, but to a lesser extent. That is because the wireless access point (AP) is the “master”, controlling the communications. It sees the 4 laptops, and gives each a slice if it’s air time – telling which one can talk now, and which cannot.

    With 2 or more AP (masters), they do not talk to each other, and could be telling two different laptops to talk “now”, causing heavy interference with each other, and making it impossible to read the signal until one retries. One AP does not see the other AP talk either, so it’s possible both AP send data to different laptops at the same time, causing more collisions in air time – the laptop does not get it’s data.

    The net effect is that data throughput would drop so fast, the wireless would become useless. It’s bad enough with 4 laptops talking to one AP – they would have not 1/4 bandwidth each, but actually less – maybe 1/6 to 1/8 because all wireless device tend to interfere with each other, and the more there are the greater a chance that there will be some collision. That delays everyone…


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