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How do they envelope an entire building with Wifi?

I’ve been to a couple of malls with Wifi signals where ever you go. But there is no wifi router in sight. Even a funeral parlor with wifi signal everywhere. What technology is utilized here?

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4 Responses to “How do they envelope an entire building with Wifi?”

  1. chuckboris said :

    There are access points everywhere, they’re just well hidden. Trust me, they are there. Maybe they’re in the walls, or behind plants.

  2. TJ said :

    They probably have a pretty strong router with a large range and since wireless signals can travel through walls they don’t have to be out in the open visible to people. They could also have many wireless routers throughout the building.

  3. Bro said :

    Wireless networks are everywhere. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean you know how to look, or what you’re looking for.

    They could be:

    inside walls
    in the middle of kiosks
    between upper and lower floors
    behind storefronts, check-out counters
    in back hallways that most mall wanderers aren’t privy to
    or even hidden in botanical installations

    And there are literally hundreds of types of access points and signal repeaters. Can you say for certain that you know what they all look like? One could be right in front of you, and you might not even recognize it.

  4. maRk said :

    OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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