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How to connect a Mac to a PC using remote desktop?

I want to know if I can view a mac from my PC using remote desktop. I know you can connect two PC’s and you can connect 2 Mac’s but can you access your MAC from your PC?

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3 Responses to “How to connect a Mac to a PC using remote desktop?”

  1. bmorobitto said :

    The free version of this is very nice, and I use it often. It even works through firewalls.

    Just download the Control software on the computer you are using to do the controlling, then download the client software on the computer you are going to control. Create your usernames and passwords on your login accounts and bingo. you’re in.

  2. Mark said :

    It costs money, but it’s professional grade. Also, VNC for Mac is a viable option.. just setup the server for PC on your PC.

    Use chicken VNC to view the computer:

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