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How safe is it to allow remote access to my pc?

The company i bought my desktop computer from wants remote access to my pc to fix a problem. Is it safe to allow this?
I mean after I allow them once, can they enter my computer at any time?

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3 Responses to “How safe is it to allow remote access to my pc?”

  1. Marvin said :

    That’s a bit like saysing “how safe is it to open my front door when someone is knocking”.

    The answer is “do you know who it is” and “do you trust them”.

    Most software to a remote access will ask your permission *each time* someone needs access.

  2. Jan S said :

    I allowed once someone remote access tp my compudter with Netmeeting
    I did not know the person myself, but a friend told me that it is only this once and that after that, he would not be able to access it again without my persmission. I do not know how you let him access your computer, but when it is the shop you bought your computer from and they can fix a problem for you, I wouold allow it. After it is done, he company will not be able to access it again without your permission.
    Why would a computer company risk problems by accessing your computer. So do not worry, and get your computer fixed.

  3. Bestman said :

    If you trust the source, You can allow and disable your Remote connection after access or possibly change your IP Addtress after allowing Access
    Step to Activate it.
    1. click “All Programs” then select “Accessories”
    2. click “communication” and select “Remote Connection”


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