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What do i need to buy in order to get Wifi?

I am About to get a laptop and want to be able to use the internet at home from wifi.
i already have a desktop computer with bt broadband connected. what would i need to be in order for my laptop to have the internet too ?

Please help!

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6 Responses to “What do i need to buy in order to get Wifi?”

  1. (moofia) Digital Love said :

    a livebox, or a USB modem. Visit

  2. Georgie said :

    You need to get a wireless router
    This website will tell you all you need to know.

    Good luck!

  3. william k said :

    you are half way there already then, all you need is a “BT Hub” (should be free to you) and buy a laptop with a wi-fi connection built in and “Bingo” you can connect. hope this helps you, it’s that easy.

  4. MATT D said :

    all you need is a router to go between you connection and pc.


    you can get them anywhere, got mine from PCWorld and specify wifi to them as there are 2 types of router.

  5. Ron M said :

    You will need something to broadcast the WIFI signal. A WIFI router is best for this job. Be sure to read the instructions that come with the router so that you can set up “wpa” encryption. That will lock your WIFI signal so that neighbors won’t be able to “steal” it.

  6. MARK C said :

    I also ran my desktop of my BT router! Just give them a call and say U want 2 go wireless, and they’ll send U out a Free BT Home Hub because ur an existing customer:)

    U’ll b able 2 run ur Desktop computer through the Ethernet, and ur Laptop through the wireless Hub(both Computer’s)

    Its 4 Free so give them a call (not often u get something 4 free off BT:)


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