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What is the best way to pick up a wifi signal between homes?

My brother has just installed a wireless router next door. I can pick up his signal but it’s very weak. How can I recieve a stronger signal? My Notebook has an Internal WiFi card that cannot be connected directly to an external antenna. I have a D-Link external antenna (SMA 2.46GHZ 7dBi) from my roommate. Is there any way to connect it? If so, What exactly do I need to buy?
Actually, thats pretty much what I needed to know. Where is a good place to get an extender?
LOL, I sure hope he knows. I’m the one who bought him the router.

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4 Responses to “What is the best way to pick up a wifi signal between homes?”

  1. Justin1989 said :

    We would need ot know what ports your laptop has. Also theres no way to pick up a stronger signal unless you buy a device meant to extend the signal.

  2. justme said :

    Does your brother know what you are trying to do? If he does, and he approves, then he will need to buy something that will boost his signal. If he doesn’t———Naughty Boy!!!!!

  3. Colinc said :

    You should look at wireless range extenders, there are plenty around, and some wireless access points can also be used as range extenders. Any good computer shop should have them.

  4. brandy said :



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