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Can I upload android apps to my phone from my computer?

I got the samsung behold II but I still dont have the carriers 3G internet yet. Can I somehow download the apps to my computer and then upload them into my phone via usb or memory stick?

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4 Responses to “Can I upload android apps to my phone from my computer?”

  1. Williard said :

    As long as you have a cable and the appropriate software provided with your phone, yes, you can upload them directly from your computer. Most Android-powered devices support this.

  2. Luke said :

    Yes you can but if you have access to a Wifi connection then you can connect your phone to it and download it straight to the phone.

  3. Jessica said :

    Does anyone know how to send the applications to the phone?

  4. Raja said :

    Use Windows Explorer to copy the .apk file of your application to any directory of the Android phone. Then on the phone, open that folder and click on the apk file name. It will ask a few questions like if you want to install and run the application, answer Yes and your app will start.


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