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How do I transfer pc games to a removable mass storage device?

I have some games on my pc that I play occasionally but they take up a lot of space which makes my computer run slowly. I have a mass storage device that I want to move these games to but I don’t know how.

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5 Responses to “How do I transfer pc games to a removable mass storage device?”

  1. Jason B said :

    You will have to uninstall from the pc then reinstall and pick the new drive letter when installing.

  2. skiracr39 said :

    You might be able to drag the folder for the game under Program files onto your new drive…if that doesnt work you can always uninstall the game, reinstall it under the location of your new drive.

  3. a_smartie said :

    First of all, the fact that you have games on your hard drive does not mean your computer will go slow. Your computer *may* go slow if you do not have enough space for your swap file, but your swap file is generally allocated before you install stuff.

    Now to answer your question, you cannot move installed applications. You need to uninstall them and reinstall them on your mass storage device (whatever that is … I am assuming it is another disk).

  4. Robert G said :

    If you try anything like this, you’ll either seriously mess up windows or the games won’t work. Maybe both. It’s doubtful that the games themselves are what is making your system slow. They shouldn’t be using any memory unless they are running. There are some games that load utilities at startup that might do this. Eventually, Windows just bogs down as files get trashed and the registry gets hosed as well.

    The first thing I’d try is the system file checker:
    Start>Run, type in sfc /scannow
    You’ll need the windows disk in the drive.

    If that doesn’t do much, then I’d try disabling startup junk and see how that helps:
    Start>Run, type in msconfig
    look under the startup tab. Try unchecking anything you see that might be associated with the games first. You’ll need to restart for any changes to take effect.

    If you still want to move the games to another drive to free up storage, a simple cut and paste via explorer will do it.

  5. charles ivan p said :

    If the game is installed on PC:

    1. Check the game’s folder on C:Program Files


    2. Find it through automated search or manual search.

    Copy the Folder and paste it on your mass storage device.

    Note: Not all games can be copied. (Always remember this) If encountered, find the crack of the game.


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