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How do I share files from my pc to my mac via an ethernet connection?

We have our files set up in the shared folder of the pc with the share to the network option checked, but we don’t know what to do on the mac end to get them over. Can anyone explain this to us using the “Dummies” version ; – ) Thanks!

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2 Responses to “How do I share files from my pc to my mac via an ethernet connection?”

  1. Ariel said :

    Click the Finder icon (bottom left of Mac screen, on the Dock.
    In the sidebar of the Finder window that has just opened, under the Shared section, click the PC’s name.
    Double-click the Shared Docs or similar icon to open it.

    That’s it!

    If the PC’s not showing up, the computers are probably not on the same network or not networked properly.

    If the PC is not listed under Shared or there is no shared folder listed, then you have not correctly enabled sharing of that folder.

  2. Antonia Goodnight said :

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